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The Walking Dead producer says show could last 27 years

We are in a The Walking Dead drought at the moment as the show is off the air until the fall and fans are left with no new episodes to let us know how everyone gets out of that train car and exacts revenge on Terminus. But while he have to wait a few months for new episodes to roll around, the future of the show is being discussed rather openly by producer Scott Gimple and that future seems to be very long term.

While appearing on Larry King Now, Gimple noted that he thinks the show could last anywhere from 10 to 27 years depending on how long the comics are produced and how often major cast members are killed off.

This actually isn’t that unfathomable of a plan, as we’ve seen shows last for years by replacing cast members one by one until the entire cast is brand new. The long running NBC series ER comes to mind as an example of a  show that survived for over a decade by slowly changing the cast until it was entirely new.

Of course, if the show actually lasted for 27 seasons, that would put the final season as airing in 2037, which is ambitious but understandably overstated.

It may not be the best plan for The Walking Dead, but the show hasn’t yet jumped the shark and if the comic books are still going strong and don’t get stale, there’s no reason the show can’t do the same either.

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  • Crystal Prayer

    I wish TWD would NEVER end!

  • Pam

    They need to get rid of this showrunner. Such bullshit. Season 5A is going to be good, then 5B is going to suck. Why keep that template going? Reduce 16 episodes to 9 1-hour actions full of emotion, intensity and REAL character development. Hire better actors and kill off Beth and Rosita.
    I still can’t believe Beth outlived Andrea. Beth is literally the worst character ever and I hope Maggie watches her die somehow.

  • Slade-Villamor

    Focus on Season 5 dipshit not future seasons. Well it is okay to think of seasons 5-7 at the moment but Season 10 and 27? That is bullshit. And yes, Daryl fans irk me!

  • H B H

    Each time you replace an original cast member the show gets weaker! Get rid of Rick, Carl or Daryl & you will be on the down spiral

    • H B H

      They are the heart of the show. Kill the heart & it just slowly stops beating until it is no more