WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE rumors: Stone Cold Steve Austin says he'd entertain the idea of a match with Brock Lesnar

As more and more time passes, the possibility of Stone Cold Steve Austin getting back into the ring for at least one more match seems like it could become a reality. For the longest time, that match has been rumored to be a showdown with CM Punk, although as Punk’s absence from the company grows longer, that seems less likely.

But what about a showdown with the man who just ended the vaunted WrestleMania streak of the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar?

Well, that seems like it very well could happen as Austin himself recently stated on a recent episode of his podcast with Paul Heyman as his guest that he would entertain the idea of getting into the ring with ‘The Beast.’

Heyman mentioned how the one guy he could see Austin returning to face would be Lesnar, as he could physically push the Hall-of-Famer to the type of performance he’d expect from himself, as well the fans.

Once the interview returned after the episode stopped recording, Austin said “that would be something I would be interested in entertaining.”

What’s ironic here is that the Punk-Austin match may never happen because of the Punk walkout, when you’ll remember that back in 2002, Austin himself walked out of the company after he did not like the creative direction the company wanted to go in with him and–you guessed it, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar had just come up from Ohio Valley Wrestling and was receiving the biggest push of anyone that has ever stepped into the business. Leading up to his eventual King of the Ring victory that year, Vince McMahon wanted Austin to drop a “qualifying match” to Lesnar, and clean. Austin immediately scoffed at the idea, and rightfully so as he was upset about the money that was being left on the table for a potential PPV showdown down the road.

Will we get that showdown over 12 years later? Austin would certainly be up for it.


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