Facebook to Launch Ad Network

Facebook initially scared investors with its lack of tangible business and lack of cash flow generation.  Well, that was so two years ago.  Facebook now rakes in over a billion dollars a quarter thanks to mobile ads.  As the company has continued to deliver on its mobile product, companies have stepped up to the plate with their advertising dollars.

As Facebook prepares to launch their ad network, we can assume the mobile giant now has a firm grasp on their own execution and direction for the purpose of growing their advertiser pool.  It has long been an investor desire for Facebook to develop an ad network, it made sense for the social media hub.  Now with the plans rolling forward, eartly adopters are seeing that desire come to fruition.

The ad network scene isn’t one new for large companies with massive user bases.  Facebook will enter the fray alongside the likes of Google and Twitter, as well as the smaller Millenial Media.  Facebook will work towards growing their network to supplying mobile ads to each of its mobile users, and targeting new, creative ways to engage and entice consumers.

With this step coming to fruition, Mark Zuckerburg will only further see the growth of his one time college hobby.  As the mobile ads start to roll out on mobile devices next month, Facebook will continue to expand its social media reach.

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