Google Chromecast hits new market

Google has watched the success of its streaming device, Chromecast, develop quickly into a juggernaut in the home entertainment category.  Due to its simplicity and ease of use, Chromecast has continued to become more of a staple in the American entertainment viewing space.

Now, Google has successfully taken the next step, emerging in the Indian market.  Chromecast has shown up on both eBay as well as Amazon India for prices ranging from 3,099 to 3,998 INR.  With the appearance on the Indian market, Google now has an entirely new consumer base to tap into.

A device that measures under 3 inches and provides functionality well beyond its size, it’s no wonder that Google has been welcomed to the streaming scene with such open arms.  The Chromecast utilizes wi-fi connectivity to deliver products like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus straight from your smartphone, computer, or tablet to your home television.

The ease of use for Chromecast has most certainly helped to strengthen its popularity in the streaming space.  While Google has not yet released the device for sale through its own sources, the availability through third party retailers will give Google a first hand look at how its product will be received.

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