Hitman Go now on iOS

Square Enix is responsible for creating one of the most polarizing gaming characters of this generation.  Agent 47 is recognized by those far outside the realm of just the Hitman series.  What was once just a successful gaming franchise, is now a movie, an experience, and a brand.

Hitman Go debuts on the iPad in a much different way than many of the franchise are accustomed to.  Square Enix has been involved in the gaming industry long enough to know to go with what works, rather than by what is desired.  Agent 47 has made a carer of stealthily stalking his prey and executing hits with utmost precision.  Hitman Go takes an opportunity to excel on a tablet and runs with it.

Gone is the focus of the in depth graphical prowess, the set piece missions, and the fully cinematic storyline.  With Go, the Hitman series focuses on what is at its core, gameplay, intelligence, and stealth.  On the iPad, Hitman go presents itself as a turn based puzzle game.  In this manner, users are required to think through the actions even before performing them.  What is the best way to have 47 complete his task, and how do you get there.

Square Enix takes a game that is presented on a large scale in the console realm, and displays the same overarching experience to flawless perfection on the iPad tablet device.  Take Agent 47 for a spin with Hitman Go today.

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