Insider posts cryptic PS4 rumors

sony-ps4-logoIndustry insider Shinobi602 has gone a rumor run, sharing a number of juicy tidbits that he has heard over the last 24 hours. His sources are from inside development studios, and a have a good track record with the information they have provided Shinobi.

The first thing he brought up was a new AAA IP that will be coming to PlayStation 4 in late 2015.

Ohh, something very nice coming late next year. Don’t be afraid. #ps4

He then went on to state that another “major” title other than The Order: 1886 and Driveclub are on the way for PS4 players. That information preceded the following:

In a couple weeks. Folks being invited to EA for an “inside look” at a game releasing later this year, providing feedback. Unannounced.

That was followed by:

I’m being told some things that are putting a grin from ear to ear right now.

When asked if he could provide any more information, Shinobi implied that more will be revealed at E3. He then left this picture as a clue for fans to try and decipher.


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