Xbox 360 All Time Bestsellers: Quite a Surprise

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With the past console generation now slowly falling to the wayside as the next generation of gaming comes full circle, we can take a look back at the numbers of some of the greatest games to ever grace the console.  Unlike the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was touted as a hit gaming console first, and it delivered.

Microsoft rarely cut corners in its releases of its juggernaut titles, and most of them reaped the benefits of delivering upon what was promised.  Taking a look back at the top 15, best selling Xbox 360 games of all time, many of them show up front and center.

In the list below, we see many “A” list titles that would have been assumed to be there.  More surprisingly, and among the top 5, the Xbox 360 hit home runs with an arcade game, and a first party Kinect experience.  Take a look at the list to see if you favorite game made the cut.

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