Photo Credit: EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC roster: Royce Gracie available as unlockable chracacter

Photo Credit: EA Sports

Photo Credit: EA Sports

As fans of mixed martial arts prepare for the highly anticipated release of EA Sports UFC on June 17, the company has announced that there will be another unlockable character in the game.

They have previously announced Bruce Lee as a special character, but MMA legend Royce Gracie will also be available to unlock.

If you beat the career mode in EA Sports UFC on Pro difficulty or higher, you will unlock the character. Gracie will be available to use in the welterweight division. For those that want to play with Gracie from the start, he will be available if you pre-order your copy of the game from select retailers around the world.

You can check out the full list of retailers below after another look at Gracie in the game:

North America:



United Kingdom




Nordic Region


More details available by clicking here.

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