Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy Announce the X-Men X-Perience (Video)

We are just about one month away from our favorite mutants coming back to the big screen in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Late last week, we showed you a new featurette for the film that gave you a better look at the younger version of Magneto in the upcoming film. Now, the people at Twentieth Century Fox have quite the surprise for X-Men fans.

Earlier today on YouTube, X-Men stars Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy announced a new event known as the “X-Men X-Perience.”

Starting on May 10th at the global premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past in New York City, Days of Future Past stars Jennifer Lawrence, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Omar Sy, Peter Dinklage, Nicholas Hoult, and Ellen Page along with Jackman, Fassbender, and McAvoy, will be splitting up and hitting the road all around the world to host what is known as the X-Men X-Perience.

The stars will interact with the fans, discuss, the movie, and more.

Now, it was not announced which star will be in which location; however, in the announcement, they do drop hints as to where they may end up.

Here is the current schedule for the X-Men X-Perience courtesy of

Saturday, May 10th – New York (Global Premiere)

Monday, May 12th – London

Tuesday, May 13th – Moscow

Wednesday, May 14th – Singapore

Thursday, May 15th – Sao Paulo

Friday, May 16th – Melbourne and Beijing

Take a look for yourself. Here is a look at the announcement of the X-Men X-Perience from Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2014.

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