WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan on RAW. Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE rumors: Daniel Bryan to be left off TV until Extreme Rules

Monday night was a tough night for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. After being set to return to work on RAW following his honeymoon with Brie Bella, the champ received the unfortunate news that his father had passes away earlier in the day on Monday. Instead of taking another week off, Bryan informed management that he would still be working on Monday night.

It seemed as if he and management came to a bit of an agreement as Bryan did appear in the opening segment of the show, but then was physically destroyed by his Extreme Rules opponent, Kane, writing him off of television for the rest of the evening.

Afterwards, Michael Cole explained that Bryan had kayfabe been taken to a local hospital and he was diagnosed with a mild stinger.

So, will we see Bryan on TV prior to the Extreme Rules special event?

According to the guys over at PWMania.com, the feeling right now is that we will not see him, as he’ll be held out of action until May 4, obviously so he can be with his family during this difficult time.

The storyline is that Bryan was taken to a local hospital to be checked out but had no serious injuries. The feeling is that he will be kept out of action until Extreme Rules.

Not shocking by any means. This is a hard time for Bryan and he’s had to deal with a lot on his shoulders the last few weeks.

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    This is not true he is still on the wwe event at kansas city April 29th :P

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    Respect Daniel Bryan.