Destiny Draws Near

What happens when you are the creators of one of the most storied, sought after, and respected gaming franchises of all time?  Everything you touch is expected to turn to gold.  This is where Bungie finds itself with their next project, Destiny.

With Destiny set to release on Septemeber 9, 2014, the waiting game is already well underway.  Just this week though, Bungie teased fans with a sneak peek into what their virtual avatars will have them pictured like.  Destiny will feature three playable classes, consisting of the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.  Each class with have specific traits and advantages for players to exploit throughout combat.  The classes made an appearance today in screenshots via Bungie.


Destiny’s Hunter Character


Destiny’s Titan Character


Destiny’s Warlock Character

With the game set to release as a cross platform title, neither Playstation 4 or Xbox One users will be left out.  With Halo having been an exclusive Microsoft title, this will be Sony gamers first taste at a true juggernaut title from Bungie.  While Destiny has a very large amount of hype to live up to and deliver on, very few companies are more capable of doing just that than Bungie.

As the release continues to get closer, expect Bungie to continue to tease with screenshots and trailers from their first next generation offering in Destiny.

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