Nike and Apple to partner for wearable tech?

Recently, in a move that was perceived as the end of Nike’s Fuelband, Nike laid off a large portion of its Fuelband team.  As this look like the technology behind the Fuelband coming to an end, Nike actually is positioning themselves for a strategic move in the not so distant future.

As Apple is working on a product now being dubbed the iWatch, Nike is actually well engrained for the ride.  Apple has actually hired the design director behind Nike’s Fuelband, Ben Shaffer.  The two companies are looking to bring new technology into an emerging wearables market, while utilizing NikeFuel technology.

Both Nike and Apple have long been in partnership on products.  Nike+ was first executed through Apple product connectivity.  Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook resides on Nike’s board of directors.  Nike made sure to reiterate the partnership and success that both Nike and Apple have shared due to their working relationship over the years.

“Building on these successful products and services, Nike and Apple continue to partner on emerging technologies to create better solutions for all athletes,” said Nike spokesperson KeJuan Wilkins told Mashable.

As Nike and Apple work to build out the product that is the iWatch, Fuel technology will continue to be supported and be carried into the future.  Though it may not be presented in the same way, Apple and Nike are committed to the success of the NikeFuel experience.

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