Pokemon and Amazon team up

Pokemon has long been one of the highest touted franchises amongst adolescents in not only the United States, but also abroad.  What started as a children’s card game, turned into a profitable collecting hobby, video games, and of course a TV show.  Now thanks to Amazon, the Pokemon show is back to life and more accessible than ever.

Amazon released Pokemon TV today for download on its Kindle Fire TV.  The 6mb app is downloadable through the Amazon app store and allows viewers to watch episodes of the show.  Backed by Amazon, the app will most certainly feature exclusive content as well.  The app weighs in at an unbelievable value price: FREE!  Also, Amazon mentions that new episodes will be posted to the app on a weekly basis.

The details provided in Pokemon TV’s description mention that it will be the go-to source for all upcoming Pokemon movies, shows, and news.  While Pokemon has long since been more than capable of growing its own following, nothing says respect more than a partnership with a company like Amazon.  Look for the partnership to continue to grow the strength of the series, and carry it to new heights in the not so distant future.

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