The Simpsons reveal new images from LEGO animated episode


The Simpsons are always looking for new an innovative ways to keep a show that went stale 10 years ago fresh. This has led to the series that was once amazing satire reducing itself to mindless and cheap gimmick episodes like the the one upcoming where the entire episode is LEGO animated.

While it’s a gimmick to say the least, the premise of an all LEGO animated episode is at least one of the more intriguing gimmicks the show has come up with, even if it is just a ploy to sell more merchandise. Fox has released 11 new images from the episode and below are some of the better ones.




Obviously, the entire episode isn’t animated with LEGOs but a large majority of it is and it seems to be a major plot device in whatever story the writers are mailing in this week.

To be honest, it’s a cool premise and it’s one that Fox and The Simpsons are pushing as a major event in the show’s history. That could very well be true, as it’s been a while since the show was anything other than a Family Guy rip off and while they still ironically rip off a show that got famous ripping off The Simpsons, at least they beat Seth MacFarlane to the punch on this one.

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