Sony to rival Google Glass?

Sony has always been at the forefront of new technology, and although the idea of wearing your technology isn’t new, it was only a matter of time before Google Glass started to deal with some competition.  While Google Glass isn’t yet available on the open market, it looks as though Sony is seeking to rival it once it gets there.

In patent 20140104692 filed by Sony, a diagram of their form of wearable technology is presented.  While Google Glass is more interactive glasses, Sony’s product looks to be more targeted to a true heads up display.  With the patent picturing a product that would hold and display a smartphone in front of the user’s vision, we see yet another attempt to break into the wearable technology category.


The design function of the product looks to reflect the image of the smartphone to the user while erasing the necessity of having to handle the device.  While the idea of wearing a phone on your head sounds ridiculous, it is best to remember that a patent typically is for a prototype of an idea and drastically changes over time.  Sony also does seem to have a form of glasses in the making as well.

In all reality, the reception of wearable technology on the consumers head is far from universally accepted at this point.  As the category grows, it will be interested to see how things take shape.

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