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Desmond Jennings makes a great catch at the wall (GIF)

Speedy outfielder Desmond Jennings has been in and out of the Tampa Bay Rays lineup in the last couple weeks due to a sore groin. Manning center field in Thursday’s high-scoring affair against the Minnesota Twins, Jennings showed no ill-effects as he dashed to run down a shot from Trevor Plouffe at the wall in the top of the 9th inning.


Unfortunately for the Rays, this great play to keep the game close was not enough as they fell to the Twins by a final score of 9-7.

That kind of catch at the wall can be so tough, of course, because the player is trying to keep track of where he is and where the ball is, ideally, while not hurting himself. As MLB players are prone to do, Jennings showed some insane hand-eye coordination as he reached out at the very last second and plucked that ball before rolling into the wall to absorb the contact and not hurt himself. Great play from Jennings.

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