The Simpsons LEGO episode who's off first footage in promo (Video)


This week sees The Simpsons pull off one of their most gimmicky episodes we’ve ever seen as they may have either come up with the best concept episode they have in years or have finally jumped the shark.

Many could argue that the show has jumped the shark a long time ago but this week’s LEGO animated episode may top it all. No matter what the episode may be, we’ve seen our first look at actual footage from the episode thanks to a promo from Fox.

Check out the promo here:

The thing about The Simpsons is that the series hasn’t been anything notable for the last 15 years and that’s early a shame. Either the show needed to die or the series has suffered through an endless string of writers mailing episodes in and riding out the nostalgic appeal of the characters.

Every so often though, The Simpsons does something to remind us of the innovative series it once was and this episode may be an example of that. However, given that there was just a very successful LEGO Movie and a The Simpsons LEGO set is coming out in very soon, it’s hard to not see this episode as another example of the show selling out to sell toys.

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