Jan 28, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Northwestern University quarterback Kain Colter (center) looks on as United Steelworkers (USW) president Leo W. Gerard speaks during a press conference for CAPA College Athletes Players Association at the Hyatt Regency. At left is United Steelworkers (USW) national political director Tim Waters. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Colin Cowherd says college athlete pay would go towards 'weed and kicks'

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Much of the talk over the past few weeks has centered around the Northwestern football team and their attempts to unionize as employees, thanks to an NLRB ruling. ESPN radio personality Colin Cowherd spoke candidly about his feelings on the topic.

“…I don’t think paying all college athletes is great, not every college is loaded and most 19-year-olds [are] gonna spend it–and let’s be honest, they’re gonna spend it on weed and kicks! And spare me the ‘they’re being extorted’ thing. Listen, 90% of these college guys are gonna spend it on tats, weed, kicks, x-boxes, beer and swag. They are, get over it! They’re not gonna budget it efficiently, they’re not going to invest it, they’re not gonna shop for the best interest rate for their moped. No they’re not, they’re 19 they just got a fresh Honda, there’s a cute girl in chemistry class, they’re gonna get some new kicks. That’s what they’re going to spend it on.”

At last the voice of reason in this whole thing.

Not only does paying players probably ensure that schools would be putting good money after bad, but it opens up a can of worms that nobody wants to deal with, and that could essentially cause ripple effects that would do more than cause needed changes to NCAA regulations.

Right idea, wrong execution. Cowherd, as he often is during his candid shows, is spot on.

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