Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) reprise their roles from Boy Meets World on the Disney Channel production Girl Meets World Credit: New york Daily News

First Official Poster from Girl Meets World (Photo)

One of the most highly anticipated Disney shows to begin this year is the series Girl Meets World, the follow up to the popular series Boy Meets World. Earlier this month, Disney unveiled the first footage from the series in the form of a short trailer for the film which showed Cory and Topanga teaching their daughter Riley a valuable lesson. Now, thanks to the people at The Hollywood Reporter, we have a look at the first official poster from the upcoming series.

As you probably already know, the series will star Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as Cory and Topanga Matthews, a now grown up version of the young, budding couple from the original Boy Meets World series. Now, with a family of their own, they will help guide their young daughter Riley through some of the same challenges that they went through when they were her age.

The poster is pretty simple in nature. It shows both Cory and Topanga resting on a white brick wall surrounded by their young son Auggie, who is played by August Maturo, and their daughter Riley’s best friend Maya, who is played by Sabrina Carpenter. Below them is Riley, who is being portrayed by Rowan Blanchard, holding up the iconic Boy Meets World style globe in her hand.

Take a look for yourself. Here is the first official poster for the upcoming series Girl Meets World.

Promotional Poster for "Girl Meets World." Photo Credit: Disney via The Hollywood Reporter

Promotional Poster for “Girl Meets World.”
Photo Credit: Disney via The Hollywood Reporter

At this particular moment, there is no official release date for the pilot of the series; however, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will see the return of Boy Meets World stars Rider Strong, who played Cory’s best friend Shawn, Williams Daniels and Betsy Randle, who played Cory’s parents, and most notably William Russ, who played the Matthews’ next door neighbor, and Cory’s favorite teacher, Mr. Feeney.

The series will also see the return of Lee Norris and Danny McNulty as Stuart Minkus and Harvey Keiner.

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those adults who plans to take a trip back to my childhood when the series finally gets started. Cory and Topanga are one of those couples from your past that you always wanted to know what happened after the curtain fell, and now fans will finally get that chance.

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