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Google admitting defeat?

It’s not often that a company as large as Google backs off from a project or product they so strongly support.  In this case though, it looks as if Google is doing just that.  Google announced they are in the process of removing the process of forcing users to sign up for Google+

The Senior Vice President of Social for Google, Vic Gundotra, recently resigned and walked away from the company.  This move sent ripples through not only the company, but social media as a whole.  Google+ is looking to make quite a few changes in the coming months.  The social media platform is looking to change to more of a communicating tool rather than a full fledged social media offering.  Also, the forced integration between Google users, YouTube, and other services may cease.

Though Google+ initially targeted Facebook’s user base, the service never quite caught on enough to make a significant dent into the market.  Google can be credited however for developing a far superior video service to its competitors in its “Hangouts” product.

With Google looking to take their social offering in a different direction, it seems as though the company will be in search of a new face to do so as well.  Google is far too large to less this stumble hurt them in the long run, but short run changes are sure to be coming.

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