GoogleFiber, the end to cable providers?

Slow, overpriced and interrupted has long been the complaint of many a consumer in regards to current cable companies and their services.  At this point though, what reason is there to change.  The market is cornered by large corporations that dictate how prices and services trend.  Google would like to step in and try to change the game with GoogleFiber.

GoogleFiber touts what would be the fastest internet speeds on the planet today.  With standard internet speeds running on average, 15mbps, GoogleFiber introduces speeds that blow those numbers out of the water.  In a recent test done in Kansas City, speeds were reported of up to 938mbps.


The name behind Google, the promise of what they are striving to deliver, and the customer service in which they conduct business could be an end to what cable companies are currently enjoying.  Google’s service would strike to drive right through the competition and head to the front of the line.

GoogleFiber would be free to consumers after a $300 installation fee.  Upgrades are available in a gigabit version ($70/month plus installation) as well as a premium service that would provide a gigabit worth of internet and TV.  Currently GoogleFiber is only available in select US cities, notably Kansas City.  It is expected to become available in Texas and Utah though shortly.

Should Google execute GoogleFiber in the way in which they have laid out, it could be the end of cable and internet providers as they are today.

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