Hulu brings screen-casting remote to consoles

Hulu is making the most of their continued success on consoles.

As the next generation of gaming is now well underway, we have seen the Playstation 4 and Xbox One evolve into multi-media consoles and take on more than just games.  Hulu has seen a drastic increase and success in their streaming service due to console integration. Now, it’s taking things one step further.

Hulu announced the integration of a remote app downloadable for the use in addition to its streaming service.  The app will work with Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Playstation 3 consoles.  For Xbox One users, it will feel very familiar to the SmartGlass app.  Hulu is aiming to allows users to control the device and service from the app, bringing more functionality to the product as a whole, and delivering an experience outside the realm of the standard controller.

As company’s continue to adapt and change with technology trends, many have noted that the viability of a smartphone or tablet as a remote, is a far superior avenue.  While mobile devices feature a screen and true interface, the necessity for a clunky controller is becoming more and more obsolete.

The update is expected for smart TVs, blu-ray players, and other devices in the not to distant future.  Check out the video to see exactly how Hulu expects the remote process to work.


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