Lunch with Apple’s Tim Cook

You may have heard there is no such thing as a free lunch, few situations are more applicable than a lunch with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.  The opportunity for such a lunch is being made possible by Cook in support of the 8th Annual Robert F. Kennedy Center Spring Auction for Human Rights, in partnership with

The lunch in question will take place on site at Caffe Macs, on site at Apple headquarters, and the discussion revolves around whatever you would like.  Obviously the lunch would be most desired by those in the entrepreneurial realm looking to pitch Apple’s head man their next great idea.  The opportunity won’t come cheap though, as a 30-minute coffee date, that took place with Cook last year, sold for $610,000.


The cost of your placed bid does include lunch, so you could argue that it is indeed free, unfortunately, travel accommodations are at the purchaser’s own expense.  Also, in the fine print, details state the lunch may not take place for up to a year due to Apple’s cyclical launch schedule and other prior commitments.

Whether you have an interest in finding out what it is the head man of a major tech company likes to eat, or you would like to pick Tim Cook’s brain, you have the opportunity to get in on the bidding here.

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