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Marvel confirms Thanos has been cast but won't say who is playing him

This summer sees the release of the much anticipated yet hard to get a reason Guardians of the Galaxy, which seems like a mashup of Firefly and Star Wars all wrapped up in a Marvel movie. The film boasts an impressive cast and has some interesting characters but perhaps the most interesting of all is a characters being played by a yet unidentified actor.

Thanos, the purpose skinned super-baddie, has been confirmed as appearing in the film to help set up a bigger appearance in a later movie but the actor playing him hasn’t been revealed. Marvel president Kevin Feige noted at the character has been cast and appears in Guardians of the Galaxy, but stopped short of revealing who will be playing him.

Speculation has the character as being played by someone like Vin Diesel or Benicio Del Toro, but it’s possible that an outside actor has been brought in. Del Toro has more than one Marvel movie on his contract which bodes well for his chances while Diesel has been teasing his involvement including something more than just Groot for a while now.

We won’t know until the film comes out in August — or right before then when it’s either leaked for officially abound — but Thanos has indeed been cast and fans are now left wondering who will be filling his shoes.

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