Microsoft Financials: Banking In Q3

As the Microsoft Xbox One was welcomed to a lukewarm reception, it appears that Microsoft is finally starting to see some returns on its next generation gaming system.  The financials were release by Microsoft for Q3, which ended on March 31st.

Microsoft reported revenue of $20.40 billion for the quarter. Gross margin, operating income, and net income for the quarter were $14.46 billion, $6.97 billion, and $5.66 billion respectively.  All numbers reported have come in looking like a significant uptick from where the company has been checking in at.


Positive for the Xbox One, was the fact that Microsoft shipped 1.2 million consoles to retailers in the third quarter alone.  With this large increase in consoles shipped, the Xbox platform revenue increased by 45%.  Transactions on Xbox Live for the quarter also increased by 17%.  With the large amount of consoles shipping, the company did see a gross margin decrease by 34%.  This is to be expected due to the economics and life-cycle of gaming consoles.


Microsoft also reported that Titanfall was the number one selling game in March in North America.  Titanfall was well received and lived up to the hype of the console seller it was thought to be.  Titanfall also just recently launched for the Xbox 360.

As these numbers come in, it is great to see the Xbox division pushing forward into the next generation full steam ahead.

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