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NXT's Bo Dallas could debut at the end of May

The WWE has had a couple video packages for former NXT Champion Bo Dallas, for Bo-Lievers. Now this piece does involve some spoilers for NXT’s May 22 episode, so if you’re not interested in reading up on spoilers you may want to turn and walk the other way.

Now according to, Bo Dallas took on former NXT Champion (current WWE Intercontinental Champion) Big E. in which had a couple stipulations. If Bo Dallas won, he would pick up another shot at Adrian Neville’s NXT Championship. The very title that he lost at NXT Arrival.

But if Bo Dallas lost to Big E., Dallas would have to leave NXT forever. What does that mean? He would end up with the main WWE roster. That’s exactly what happened. Dallas lost to Big E., which means he is no longer an everyday talent for NXT. This could mean he would debut with the WWE the Monday after May 22.

He appeared on WWE live television a couple of times as he took on former Nexus and Corre leader Wade Barrett.

It’ll be interesting to see what the creative team will take him, with his big brother Bray doing big things with The Wyatt Family. It would be great if he was either thrown into that mix, or become an enemy of the family. Only time will tell.

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