Playstation 4 has new features coming April 30

Recently, Sony announced the release of a firmware update for the Playstation 4.  The firmware update 1.7 is coming on April 30 as confirmed by Sony Japan earlier this week.

Tidux, an industry insider, has been known to be at the forefront of unreleased details and rumors for much of the information surrounding the Playstation 4.  Recently, he announced the inclusion of MP3 playback for the PS4.  MP3 playback would be a definite welcome asset to push the consoles media viability further.

Although not many more details are offered, Tidux is pretty up front about the Playstation 4 being ready for MP3 playback.

He goes on to mention some unannounced features are going to be included in the firmware update.  What exactly those are, are yet to be determined.  This much is certain, with Tidux tack record of breaking information and its validity, Sony has a very tricks up their sleeve in the near future!

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