Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 using flexible displays


Samsung is getting back on board technology it once left abandoned.  First ventured into with the “Galaxy Round” Samsung is looking to get back on board with flexible screen technology.  And though the Galaxy Round was met with much lower hype than anticipated, the Korean company is looking to once again utilize the technology.

Since the release of the Round in limited markets, Samsung hasn’t come forward with any new flexible design offerings, all but abandoning the technology.  That all looks to be changing as Samsung works to stay in line with its competition.

Apple recently has been touting its new iWatch plans and the product is supposedly going to feature a flexible display.  LG has been a major player in the flexible display market and intends to be a major supplier to products across the board.  LG also seems to be locked in as Apple’s go to for screens implemented to its new iWatch product.

With this news, Samsung seems to be going full steam ahead to get the product line back up and running.  The Korean manufacturer has gone on record saying they are going to be quickly finishing their A3 factory which focuses on the production of its flexible displays.  The plant is scheduled to be completed in November of December 2014 at the earliest.

With Samsung set to utilize the flexible display technology on both the Galaxy S6 and Note 5, the building plans are going to need to be fast and furious.

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