Former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

CM Punk and AJ Lee spotted at Chicago Blackhawks' game last night

Former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk is still no where to be found when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. The man is still yet to use his official Twitter handle but made an appearance during AMC’s The Talking Dead.

Now it surfaced about a month or two ago that AJ Lee and CM Punk were indeed engaged to be married. Former WWE Divas Champion was seen wearing an engagement ring during a match which happened to be spotted during a still shot. The WWE had (at the time) NXT Women’s Champion Paige debut during WWE RAW after WrestleMania XXX.

Paige came out to congratulate AJ for defending her title against all those Divas the night before. AJ slapped Paige in the face and offered to put her title on the line. Paige accepted.

Long story short, Paige was able to defeat AJ Lee and end the longest WWE Divas Championship streak that was held by CM Punk’s fiance. Now according to RingSideNews, CM Punk and AJ Lee were spotted during last night’s Chicago Blackhawks’ playoff game against the St. Louis Blues.

Here’s a the picture provided by RingSideNews‘ very own Steve Carrier.

CM Punk and AJ Lee Spotted at Hockey Game

[H/T: RingSideNews]

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