Dec 21, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan unveils the new Charlotte Hornets logo at halftime during the game against the Utah Jazz at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan declines to comment on Donald Sterling allegations

Everyone who is someone has spoken out against Clippers owner Donald Sterling in light of the allegations that have him on tape recording being a blatant racist.

Well, everyone except for the greatest NBA player of all-time in Michael Jordan.

There is no rule that says Michael Jordan has to speak out on fellow owner in Donald Sterling. Him being the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats may be the reasoning why he didn’t speak on the issue, wanting to focus until after the game is finished, but Jordan not having anything to say says a lot about Jordan the person.

Since his days as a player, he hasn’t been the one to speak out on public matters. He’s been pegged as someone who isn’t the most likable person and it’s showing as he declined to make a statement. Jordan being an owner doesn’t stop him from speaking out. Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat, released a brief statement before the Heat-Bobcats game started. The CEO of the San Antonio Spurs also had a few words on Sterling. Considering he is who he is, Jordan’s impact could be similar to Lebron James’. James’ “Sterling doesn’t belong in this league” remarks could push the league to act hastier than they would have before he spoke up. Still known as the greatest player to ever touch the NBA, the same could happen if Jordan made a comment.

Is it fair to call Jordan selfish? No, because there could be a solid reasoning as to why he hasn’t speaking yet, but until he does, his character will take a minor hit in the eyes of the public as those around him continue to knock the biggest villain in the NBA.

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  • Captain Ho

    Donald Sterling “blacks are the enemy”, dont let people know you are friends with them in public. you can secretly do whatever you want. in 2014 black people are the enemy of this country. He is saying what I told you what was going on. he told the truth. How the country feels about black people in 2014. Deny you have any black blood. Keep blacks from coming to my games.

  • DennisCLatham

    So what he declined – the owner of the clippers is a racist – wants his girl friend to admire another race in private and in secret – but not in public …… what’s to comment on – if anyone had any sense – they would all boycott the clippers – even if an apology is given by the racist. This didn’t start over night ….

    but I know very well the people he hates and is racist against …. they … like fools will still continue to support the team – and probably more than ever.

  • DennisCLatham

    Alabama toll tide is a racist school – look how they are supported by the very people roll tide / Alabama hates …. yet sororities are granted the request to remain and stay all white …..

  • Jac’quin Oliphant Fields

    Maybe Jordan agrees with him since he spends his money on building prisons to lock more black folks up instead of investing in rebuilding the communities and their lives. Maybe the two of them are in business together? Hmmm IJS

    • Derrick Opurum

      Any proof that Jordan dabbles in this?

    • Alicia Miller Blakely

      I believe you may be right!!!!

    • fosterakahunter

      Show me some evidence. Until then, you sound as stupid as the idiots that still spread the Hilfiger rumour. STFU, please.

    • Allen Franklin

      Uhh, Thats a governor named Michael Jordan, not Michael Jordan the basketball player; we really need to start looking into things before committing to them.

  • fosterakahunter

    Get your sh@t (facts) right before you write.

  • Antoina

    What rule is there saying that you have a certain time to
    speak on stupidity? I would have not even entertain it. So I think Michael Jordan did the correct thing.