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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Prepares for Attack (GIF)

There is no doubt that there is about to be a bloody battle upon the walls of Castle Black. If you watched last week’s episode, you are well aware of the rampage that the Wildlings are on their way, and I am pretty sure that they are not coming bearing good tidings.

Last week, they brutally murdered a young boy’s mother and father in front of him, only to send him away with a message for Castle Black.

Now, Jon Snow is attempting to prepare for the oncoming storm. In the courtyard, Snow is attempting to train them in the means of swordplay. Unfortunately, not all of them are quite on his level just yet.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Soon after this, Snow is interrupted and not so politely reminded of his place in the hierarchy of Castle Black. Unfortunately, Snow is but a steward and had “other duties” to attend to. He considers standing up for himself; however, considering that the person who always stood by Jon’s side is no longer with them, he decided to pick his battles wisely and walk away from this one.

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