Game of Thrones 'Oathkeeper' review: Best GIFs

“Game of Thrones” returned on Sunday night with the fourth episode of the fourth season, and fans were eager to see what the latest fallout from the Royal Wedding would be with plenty of questions still unanswered.

The episode started off with Grey Worm having a deep conversation, before Khaleesi came to interrupt and summon him to her latest plan. The slaves were discussing the possibility of joining Khaleesi and shedding their chains, when Grey Worm came to state his case for fighting for Daenerys. Grey Worm urged all of the slaves to take their fate into their own hands and fight for what they believe in.

The slaves came together to fight for their freedom, as Khaleesi once again had hundreds of people following her and praising the mother of dragons for her ability to be the breaker of chains.

Jaime was working to regain control of his sword by dueling with Bron. but ended up being slapped in his face by his own hand. The action shifted to Tyrion sitting in his jail cell taking with Jaime, discussing how everyone in Westeros believed he was guilty for killing the king.

Tyrion continued to state his innocence, and Jaime brought up the idea that Sansa could be responsible for Joffrey’s death.

After Sana was mentioned as a potential murderer of Joffrey, we see her next to Littlefinger asking if he was the man who really made the call to kill the king. Littlefinger told Sansa that the necklace she was wearing was responsible for killing Joffrey, with a missing stone serving as the poison. Littlefinger said that he would risk everything to get what he wants, and what he wants is “everything.”

Lady Tyrell was strolling through the garden with Olenna, and she was warned about what Cersei would do for revenge. Olenna made it clear that she knew who killed Joffrey in order to keep Margaery from marrying him.

Cersei and Jaime discussed Tommen and his safety. Cersei asked Jaime to kill Sansa, but Jaime’s loyalty and promise that he made to Catelyn Stark was something that he would not turn his back on.

Tommen was visited by Margaery and asked to hear a secret as they prepared for their own marriage. The two discussed their marriage and what it would mean moving forward, in what turned out to be a very awkward scene sealed with a kiss.

Brienne of Tarth was presented the sword Oathkeeper, which was the name of the episode, from Jaime as she set out to defend Sansa and bring her back alive and keep her safe. Brienne was also presented with a body of armor from Jaime, as she promised to find Sansa for Catelyn and Jaime.

Jaime and Podrick spoke with Brienne, and Podrick prepared to set out with Brienne on their quest to find and protect Sansa.

Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly discussed where Bran could be, which they determined was in Craster’s Keep. Jon Snow announced that he would be heading to Craster’s Keep, and asked for some volunteers to go along with him on his journey. It wouldn’t be easy for Jon Snow and his crew, but the Night’s Watch was able to come together and seek justice after some initial hesitation. It wasn’t an overwhelming response, but Jon Snow received some help which is all that he would need.

The White Walkers were given a sacrifice in the form of a newborn baby, when Bran had another vision and saw Ghost. Hodor was captured by the former Night’s Watch, and Bran was also taken in. Bran’s declared who he was, as the scene shifted to the white walkers walking away with the baby as the episode came to an end.


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  • DownsizeDC

    Could anyone tell me how Sansa’s missing stone poisoned Joffrey?

    • Sweet Irish Slade

      The stone was removed by The Queen of Thorns at the wedding and she slipped it into Joffrey’s cup.

      • DownsizeDC

        Aha, I remember now her consoling Sansa for her brother having been killed at the Red Wedding. Thank you!

        • Falcon D. Stormvoice

          Also recall Joffrey’s goblet being placed momentarily in front of her as the scene carried on.

  • Sweet Irish Slade

    That wasn’t GIlly’s baby. Gilly still has her baby over the wall. That was Craster’s last baby son from one of his other daughters.

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    “After Sana was mentioned as a potential murderer of Joffrey, we say her next to Littlefinger asking if he was the man who really made the call to kill the king. ”

    “Say” should be “see”. And Night’s Watch should be capitalised. And “Unsullied” is not a generic term for “slave” in GoT/ASoIaF. The Unsullied were a specific organisation of Warrior Slaves that Grey Worm was a part of. Those slaves sitting there in Meereen were not Unsullied.

  • kd94025

    I agree with the other corrections the posters have made. Additionally, the baby who was delivered to the White Walkers was subjected to a conversion which turned its eyes blue. Margaery initiated the “secrets” discussion and the scene ended with her kissing Tommen’s forehead. Although Littlefinger claims he arranged Joffrey’s murder, Lady Olenna clearly states she killed him to protect Margaery. They may have worked together.