WWE Hall of Fame Inductee The Iron Sheik. Photo Credit: Wrestling-Online

The Iron Sheik backstage at WWE live event

The Iron Sheik has to be one of my favorite personalities on Twitter. Not only is the man brutally honest, but the stuff he says is always random and off the walls.

Now The Shiek is known for not only his hatred for ‘The Hulk Hogan’, but his infamous Camel Clutch that has made hundreds of opponents tap out. Recently debuted big man Alexander Rusev has used the Camel Clutch as his signature move, which obviously makes the WWE Hall of Famer very proud to see.

Could this possibly be a dream match up for professional wrestling fans? We’ve wondered what it would be like if Stone Cold Steve Austin took on CM Punk, but this match could be just a huge.

Now according to NoDQ.com, The Iron Sheik attended a live WWE event in Louisville, Kentucky last night and posted with both Alexander Rusev and Lana backstage during the show. The photo that is provided of the three was provided by RingSideNews‘ very own Steve Carrier.

The Iron Sheik Backstage at WWE Live Event

The Iron Sheik happens to have a movie that will be going on sale very soon.

[H/T: RingSideNews]

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