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John Wall misses everything with air ball (GIF)

The good news for John Wall is the context in which the air ball discussed here took place. The Washington Wizards hold a 2-1 series lead and they were stomping the Chicago Bulls early in this one with the score being 14-2.

With all of that said, please observe and giggle to yourself appropriately as star guard John Wall slashes through the lane and then proceeds to miss everything.


GIF from @ZProphet_MMA

Wall is averaging 18.3 points and 6.7 assists per game so far in the playoffs as the Wizards have put the league on notice that they might be a team to watch in the Eastern Conference playoffs. His highlight reel will likely contain a number of plays that showcase him as the star talent that he is. Also, he might have claimed that this was a pass. No harm, then, in taking a moment to notice a little mishap from him as well.

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