UFC 172 results: Jon Jones dominates Glover Teixeira to retain belt

In the main event of UFC 172 at the Baltimore Arena, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones put his title on the line against heavy-handed Brazilian contender Glover Teixeira.

Round 1: Jones looked for the clinch right out of the gate and backed Teixeira up against the cage, but the Brazilian was able to get out of danger and return the favor. The action was briefly halted after an eye poke, and Teixeira came out of the break with some aggressiveness. Jones eventually landed a takedown after a kick to the body from Teixeira, but Teixeira was able to bounce right back up and return to the center of the cage. Jones looked for a spinning kick to the body to finish off the round, but Teixeira returned the favor and chased him down in the closing seconds.
FanSided scorecard:  10-9, Jones

Round 2: Teixeira came out of the gate swinging in the second, as Jones continued to mix in his kicks to the body. Jones landed some big shots to Teixeira when his back was up against the cage, but the action was once again brought to a halt when Jones landed some eye pokes. Teixeira stalked Jones around the cage for most of the second round, and landed some big shots that appeared to hurt the champ. Jones circled off of the cage and regained his composure, before throwing some high kicks and elbows. Jones was keeping his left arm out in an effort to keep his range, which he turned in to some solid elbows right to the head of the challenger. Teixeira shot for a takedown with under a minute to go, but Jones shook it off and returned with some shots of his own. The second round was much more even, but Jones got the slight advantage.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Jones (20-18, Jones)

Round 3: Teixeira opened up with an overhand right that missed the champ, and Jones began to open up his striking with some quick jabs and front kicks. Teixeira was retreating and caught a big shot to the body when he eventually shot in. Jones landed a huge uppercut that knocked Teixeira’s mouthpiece out, before shooting for a takedown. Teixeira was able to use the cage to remain standing and the two men exchanged some heavy blows in the clinch. Jones clinched Teixeira against the cage in the final minutes of the round, and began to land some of his big elbows upstairs. Teixeira was firing off some uppercuts of his own, but Jones was able to avoid any serious damage. The elbows from Jones up against the cage opened up a nasty cut above Teixeira’s eye, which Jones began to focus on.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Jones (30-27 Jones)

Round 4: Jones continued to utilize his jab and reach to start the fourth round, before attempting a spinning back elbow with Teixeira’s back against the cage. Teixeira made an attempt to take the fight to the ground, but Jones remained standing and clinched up to take the fight to the cage. Teixeira’s mouthpiece came falling out again midway through the round, which brought a brief stop to the action. Jones was throwing some heavy knees to the body every time that Teixeira shot in to close the distance, as he began to open up with his wide variety of kicks. Jones’ elbows continued to land throughout the round, as the challenger was appearing to fade. Jones kept the pressure on and was stalking teixeira up against the cage, but Teixeira was answering with some short shots of his own. Jones landed a takedown at the end of the round.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Jones (40-36, Jones)

Round 5: After his success at the end of the fourth round, Jones wasted no time shooting in for another takedown. Teixeira was able to shake it off and keep the fight on his feet, but Jones was relentless with his pressure up against the cage. The two men shared a wild exchange up against the cage, before Teixeira’s mouthpiece came out (again) and the ref was forced to interrupt the action. Teixeira was looking for a finish, as was Jones, which led to some exciting striking as the round reached the midway point of the action. Jones began to showboat in the closing minutes, before running away in the final seconds with the win firmly in his grasp .The strategy was greeted with plenty of boos, but it was effective and got the job done.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Jones (50-45 Jones)

Official Result: Jon Jones def. Glover Teixeira via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


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