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WWE legend 'Superstar' Billy Graham comments on a CM Punk return

No matter what goes on on a weekly basis in WWE, there will still be numbers of fans that continually will speculate as to when CM Punk will return to the company after walking out this past January, if he even returns at all. That speculation isn’t even limited to fans neither, but even former wrestling stars have chimed in with their opinions, and the latest to do so is one of the more famous world champions in company history, “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Graham recently took to his Facebook account to provide his thoughts on the matter, and he believes that the Second City Saint should be back with everyone by August, just in time for Summerslam.

Hi fans, I thought you might enjoy seeing this shot from 1977 with the pink cap on and the belt over my shoulder. The question I have for all of you good fans out there is this, when do you think we will see the return of C M Punk and why ? I say he will once again be in a WWE ring at this coming SummerSlam 2014. Why ? Because its a perfect PPV event and tons of time has past since he left and he doesn’t want us to forget about him does he ? The man does bring a lot of talent to the table.


Again, this really is nothing new as everyone from Jim Ross to Stone Cold Steve Austin have offered up their opinions on the matter, but all we know for certain is that Punk will return when he’s good and ready.

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