EA Sports to hold Madden 15 cover vote

The promotion for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 15 is set to begin, and we have learned that there will once again be a cover vote held to determine which NFL star will grace the front of the latest edition of the hit game.

While details are still very scarce, ESPN has announced that a cover vote will begin soon:

In past years, EA Sports and ESPN have created a bracket with many of the league’s top stars for the cover vote, so this year could once again feature the bracket voting.

While we have yet to learn which athletes will be a part of the cover vote field, it would seem very likely that Seattle Seahawks stars Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman will be among the favorites to earn the cover in the latest installment of the game.

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  • JJPats

    If it some bullshit seattle thug, I ain’t buying. Not buying either way. Not gonna pay 60 bucks just for a roster update. It’s just gonna be Madden 14.1 (25.1)

  • Jon Smith

    I didnt know Russell Westbrook played for the Seahawks! Are the Thunder okay with this?

  • Sue K

    Which Madden NFL Cover do you like the most? I like the one
    with Barry Sanders…because I voted! And I can’t wait to vote for Madden 15
    cover. While waiting for this event, check and see if your favorite cover is
    on top 3 in this list. If not, vote for it and re-rank it! http://www.ranker.com/list/madden-nfl-cover-athletes/arthur-roderick