Facebook Messenger with Snapchat-esque update

Today on iOS devices (and later this week for Android users), Facebook Messenger rolls out an update that strikes seemingly close to Snapchat.

Facebook has been very vocal about splitting up its functions into standalone apps and targeting users specific functions.  Today, the Messenger app gets a pretty significant overhaul.  As the Facebook Messenger app was primarily a way to send text back and forth, the company now is looking to allow users to communicate in an abundance of ways.

The Messenger app will no feature the ability to, with one touch, change the interface into a front facing camera.  Users will be able to communicate via pictures, videos, and stickers.  Stickers will also be able to be downloaded by tapping the stickers sent to you by others.


Facebook is being very accepting of the “selfie” designation claiming that this update will allow for users to more easily communicate through the use of “selfie” photos as well as other multimedia functions.  While the new functions do sacrifice some of the current chat window space, Facebook is aiming to allow its users to communicate with more than just blocks of text.

As the company is well aware of its over 200 millions users currently connect to Facebook Messenger, the early feedback should be flooding in short order.

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