Apr 26, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Joe Rogan interviews Jon Jones after the UFC light heavy weight championship fight against Glover Teixeria at Baltimore Arena. Jones retained the light heavy height championship by defeating Teixeria. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones' Ray Lewis dance (Video)

During his latest title defense, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones got a great reception from the crowd. It was one of the first times since owning the belt that Jones has had such a warm welcome from the crowd, and he decided to give them a treat as he entered the arena and made his way to the octagon to their applause.

Jones decided to mimic the dance from Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis, and he executed it to near perfection.

You can check out the video below:

Jones explained his decision to do the dance during the post-fight press conference.

“It was just great to have the crowd on my side again,” Jones said. “It has been a long time, since I’ve had cheers. I figured it would be that way so I said let me really embrace this, let me really give this audience some entertainment. So it was just great. I was living it up. I figured Ray Lewis would be there, a lot of Ravens would be there, so I was just playing it up, and practiced that dance all day, and aced it, I hear. I haven’t seen it yet. Ray was happy and, yeah, I’m happy.”

Jones was also impressed that the Baltimore fans still showed support to his brother Arthur, who left the team in free agency this offseason to join the Indianapolis Colts.

“The people of Baltimore, they still Arthur, they still respect him a lot,” he added. “Arthur gets a great reception here. It’s great to see that the love is still there and obviously it trickled into my world, too. I got a lot of respect, and a lot of cheers, which made me feel amazing. I really do appreciate it. I mean the boos I’ve learned to live with, but it’s so rewarding to get some love and respect for once.”

It was great to see the crowd appreciate Jones’ handy work inside of the cage, and if the general public can begin to embrace Jones as much as the Baltimore crowd he could finally get the respect that he deserves as one of the best fighters of all-time.

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