Madden 15 Official Trailer Revealed

EA Sports, via their official YouTube account, has reveled the Madden 15 Official Trailer today.

The trailer features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and allows you to view a pretty remarkable transformation in the matter of 30 seconds.  While Kuechly initially sits at his locker, as he stands up, it is apparent that graphics for the first true next generation Madden are being revealed.

While the trailer is short in duration, Kuechly’s image in graphical form is pretty striking.  The detail shown is remarkably in-depth and only goes to show a very little bit of information as to what both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are truly capable of.

Kuechly has been one of the most consistent performers in the NFL since he was drafted 9th overall in 2012.  A high character guy, and a recent Pro Bowler, he was a great choice for the official trailer on EA Sports part.

Make sure to check out the official trailer for Madden 15 here.

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