Printing on the go just got easier

The office is making one more step towards truly being wherever you are.  One of the biggest hurdles about working outside your office, is the accessibility to necessary technology tools.  Thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign, the ability to print on the go seems to be easier than ever.

The ZUtA PocketPrinter looks like it is going to be making its debut.  As the Kickstarer campaign, backed by ZUtA Labs Ltd. out of Jerusalem, Israel, comes to a conclusion, all that remains is the product hitting manufacturing.  The ZUta PocketPrinter has already raised over $458 thousand of its initial $400 thousand goal.

ZUtA Labs boasts of a product that is designed to help to push the envelope further in being able to take your office with you wherever you go.  The printer measures in small enough to fit in your pocket, with the ability to connect to hany smartphone or PC, and print on any size piece of paper.  The PocketPrinter is designed with robotic wheels allowing it to carry itself along the printing surface while displacing the ink necessary to print your desired result.


While the device is truly revolutionary, and takes working on the go to a whole new level, ZUtA has also done an extraordinary job in finding an early market; in large part due to the over 2,700 backers on Kickstarter alone.  As the product nears its “fund date” (May 10, 2014) on Kickstarter, we should be seeing the PocketPrinter available for purchase soon.

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