Rumor: Han Solo will have 'gigantic role' in next Star Wars movie

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Everyone is getting seriously cranked up for the next Star Wars movie, which Disney and JJ Abrams will be unveiling in December of 2015.

We’re still a long way from seeing any footage from the movie but in the meantime we can feed our curiosity with juicy rumors. Here’s one that just hit the internets via Deadline.

According to that ever-churning rumor mill, beloved character Han Solo will have a “gigantic role” in the first of the three promised sequels.

What gigantic actually means, no one can say. Will he be fifteen feet tall? No, I think it means he’ll be in the movie a lot.

I assume.

And yes, Solo will be played by Harrison Ford. That isn’t confirmed officially, but it’s happening.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are also expected back in the roles of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker respectively (hopefully without any uncomfortable sibling sexual activity involved).

The buzz about those three original cast members being involved in the production got even louder over the weekend when the three of them were spotted in London in the vicinity of Pinewood Studios, where the film will be shooting.

I realize not everyone is totally jacked up about seeing the original cast members brought back to bridge the gap between the old films and the new sequels.

They tried that same routine in Star Trek, as everyone remembers, and it was a total disaster.

Hopefully JJ Abrams and his creative team can think of some clever ways to use the original characters. If they’re only there for cheap nostalgia’s sake?

Don’t bother.

It will be cool to see old Han Solo again though, blasting Greedos with his blaster. Never get enough of Greedos getting blasted.

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