Siri coming to Apple TV?

Voice commands from your couch to your Apple TV via your favorite voice?  Yes indeed, Siri could be coming to Apple TV in the not so distant future.

Taking a further look at the coding found in Apple’s iOS 7.1 development kit, the company may be looking to do just that.  The code was first reported by 9to5Mac includes references to an “assistant,” which is Apple’s code name for Siri, according to 9to5, under features listed for the Apple TV.


The code shows “assistant” listed as a property under device family 3, which is what Apple uses to signify the Apple TV line.


Obviously at this point in the stage, it is too early to decipher what exactly Siri would look like on the Apple TV.  Early signs point to integration being put into the Apple TV’s remote.  This move would coincide with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO recently mentioning refocusing the Apple TV brand by giving the product its own website, and removing it from the hobby section of Apple’s website.

With Apple targeting voice commands for the Apple TV, the company is also looking to pull some market share from Amazon’s Fire TV.  The recently announced Amazon product already includes voice commands.

The new inclusion for the Apple TV only furthers the products capabilities and draw to consumers.

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