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Alcides Escobar wipes out on wet outfield grass (GIF)

To be clear: the intention of this entry and the GIF that is included herein is not to make fun of Alcides Escobar for falling down. While the general public does seem to enjoy such clips of people falling down and/or hurting themselves, that is not the intention here (and thankfully Escobar was not injured).

The point of this entry, rather, is to bring to the reader’s attention the fact that plays such as this one might be a common sight across Major League Baseball this week. With cold rain and heavy wet snow in some locations, a number of teams will be forced to play games in sloppy and miserable conditions.


What seems worth noting as an example is a scheduling situation like the one found in Minnesota, where much of the state got 1-2 inches of snow and is expected to get more rain/snow mixed weather this week. With the Los Angeles Dodgers and Minnesota Twins set for an interleague series of games that will be darn near impossible to make up, weather has already forced a split doubleheader on Wednesday.

With extra motivation to force through and get those games in, more players will be playing in wet conditions. So as far as this week of baseball is concerned, you might see more plays like this one with Escobar.

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