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WCW Monday Nitro episodes being added to WWE Network

The WWE Network is now just a little over two months old, and so far from the people that have subscribed, the response has been rather positive. Part of the reason that the Network has gotten over so well with the folks is the plethora of older content that is available on demand. But, there has been one pivotal piece of history that’s been missing, and that’s episodes of WCW Monday Nitro for people to go back and relive the Monday Night Wars.

Well, have no fear because per the ‘FAQ’ section of the website, Nitro will be coming to the library along with a few other new additions.

WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014

The Monday Night War
WWE Total Divas
WWE Rivalries

WCW Clash of the Champions
WWE Saturday Morning Slam
Rock n’ Wrestling (tentative)
WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event
WCW Nitro
Vault Specials

Adding the Nitro episodes might even actually sell some new subscriptions. While it might be unbelievable for some to imagine, there were die-hard WCW folks that actually stopped watching wrestling when Vince McMahon bought the company back in 2001. Providing these on demand could actually invite those folks back to create some new subscriptions and get closer to that one million goal.



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