Barcelona teammates Dani Alves and Neymar's banana response was planned

A Villarreal fan threw a banana onto the field at Barcelona’s Dani Alves as he lined up to take a corner kick. Alves calmly picked up the banana, took a bite, kicked the ball and continued to play like nothing even happened. After the game a photo appeared on his teammate Neymar’s Instagram account of him with his son and a banana with the slogan “we are all monkeys.”

Then an internet trend was born and the world was posting pictures of themselves with bananas in support of Alves, and it looked like an incredible and organic response to a racist taunt. Now there is a story in the Spanish newspaper AS that details how that campaign actually came about, and there was planning and preparation involved before that fan ever threw the banana.

It began in March 29th at a game against Espanyol, when Neymar was subjected to racial monkey chants during a game. The two teammates planned this response to take action against something that happens entirely to frequently. After the incident, Alves had strong words about Spain.

“There is racism against foreigners. They sell the country as being first world but in certain things they are very backward,” Alves told Brazil’s Radio Globo, via Sky Sports.

Of course the plan was for Neymar, the bigger star, to eat the banana when one was thrown at him, but instead Alves was the one who had the banana thrown at him. While the knowledge that the campaign and eating the banana was all planned out isn’t quite as amazing as if it had happened organically, it still was an incredible plan to take on an issue that needed addressing.

You can see Alves eating the banana here. 

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