Dr. Dre says he wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

It seems that the list of famous people who want to buy the Los Angeles Clippers and own them following the Donald Sterling mess is growing by the minute. While it was symbolic that Magic Johnson was rumored to be interested in buying the team and taking over ownership, it appears that everyone who has ever step foot in Los Angeles is interested in saving the team.

For real, when Malcolm in the Middle — Frankie Muniz — wants to buy the Clippers you know that A) you’re the world’s worst owner if Frankie Muniz is a better option and B) Frankie Muniz was a thing once.

Add Dr. Dre to the list of people interested in buying the Clippers, as the former NWA member and current hip hop mogul is interested in saving the team from Donald Sterling. This would actually have been interesting a few years ago when Jay-Z was still a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, as the old East Coast-West Coast rap feud of the 90s would live on in a way though ownership of basketball teams.

But regardless of who owns teams out East, the Clippers will no doubt be sold to someone of great fame, as the Clippers are now the hottest commodity on the market at the moment.

[h/t: TMZ Sports]

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