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NBA Rumors: Oprah Winfrey wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

The list of famous people that want to buy the Los Angeles Clippers seems to be growing by the minute as it’s a proverbial who’s who of pop culture headliners. Given what they’ve just gone through, the Clippers and their fans deserve an owner who will love the team and given that the franchise is located i the heart of Los Angeles, it’s only fitting that said new owner is a massive celebrity.

According to ESPN, it appears that Oprah Winfrey has added her name to the ever growing list of famous people who want to rescue the Clippers from the clutches of Donald Sterling.

As he made it abundantly clear after receiving his lifetime ban on Tuesday, we’re likely going to have to pry the Clippers out of Donald Sterling’s cold dead hands — not that the wait for that will be that long. Being the scumbag that he is though, he’ll probably have the franchise booby trapped with clauses so that somehow he retains ownership after he’s dead, but let’s not give him too much credit as a Bond villain here.

The bottom line is, even if Sterling doesn’t want to give up the Clippers, he’ll eventually have to as if the owners didn’t want him out already, the idea of replacing him with someone like Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Dre or Floyd Mayweather only sweetens the deal.

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