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Patrick Roy: 'You want to have Game 7 at home'

It might seem that Colorado Avalanche head coach Patrick Roy was simply stating the obvious when he said that NHL teams want to have a Game 7 at home. There is more to it, however, as Roy is speaking from unique experience in this case.

For one thing, Roy played in 13 game 7’s. The last one came in 2003 at the Minnesota Wild, the same team his Avalanche face on Wednesday night, and Roy took the loss. With those memories in mind, Roy discussed just how important it was for his team to play game 7 at home (quotes from the Denver Post):

I had to check this morning to realize I had 13. And I didn’t have much success on the road (so) I’m pretty happy that we have the game at home. It would be tough for me to sell it to my players if we were on the road. You want to have Game 7 at home.”

Roy has not been short on candor during his first year as head coach of the Avalanche and this quote is no exception. Rather than the usual talk about a game 7, Roy is couching his comments by saying that he can better get his guys fired up because the game will take place at the Pepsi Center. It should be quite the scene in Denver.

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