Apr 12, 2014; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) looks to throw the ball during the spring game at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Florida State QB Jameis Winston cited for stealing crabs from a Publix

Early Wednesday morning there were some rather odd reports coming out of the state of Florida that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston had been arrested for stealing crabs from a local Publix. Originally the reports were thought to just be something stirred up on a Florida Gators message board, but now James Cameron from ESPN Tallahassee in confirming that, while not arrested, Winston was cited by police for the act in question.

Not much more is known at this moment, other than this fact that he was cited by the police.

While this is nowhere near the sexual assault allegations that Winston faced during the year last season, it’s still another mark on his record that he really didn’t need.

Winston is getting set this season to lead Florida State hopefully toward another national championship after getting the ‘Noles the crystal ball last year and an undefeated record to go along with it.

This might be one of the oddest stories of the week, but it just happens to involve the most high-profile college football player on the planet.

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  • scoobydude22

    I’m sure this isn’t the first time that he’s had crabs. (; But what a dumbass move. Football scholarship / perks and he couldn’t just buy seafood like the rest of us?? He should be trying to set an example on AND off the football field. The school should strip him of any scholarship, as this bad behavior seems to be a pattern and he’s not getting the message.

  • The Machine

    I would love it if professional athletes had a morality clause that would get them fired and fined on the spot for criminal charges.
    A team owner gets banned for life for saying some racial crap (justified ban, imo) but we still have athletes who have been charged with rape, battery and even killing dozens of dogs and they still have a thriving career in sports.

    • Neil Hopkins

      “Professional athletes” get paid. This kid don’t. I totally agree that professional athletes are given a free pass on far too much reprehensible behavior; I just don’t think a college kid stealing crab legs is on the same level.

    • bleep bleep

      Rich people in general get free passes in the justice system. Not always, but most of the time.

    • Mike Pugh

      Ummmm, Sterling is gonna make over $500 million for being a racist pig. And you wanna compare racism with stealing? They’re both wrong, one is a crime the other is morally reprehensible. You got a lil bigotry in you, dont you?

      • The Machine

        You obviously didn’t read my entire comment. I said Sterling’s ban was justified.
        This guy has sexual assault charges under his belt. Not much bigotry in wanting him to be fired over that.

        Next time, read the entire comment, not just the bits you want to see.

        • David Jones

          First you say: I would love it if professional athletes had a morality clause?

          Second you say: Next time, read the entire comment, not just the bits you want to see?

          Maybe next time you should read the entire article…he is quarterback at Florida State…he isn’t a professional athlete playing in the NFL. Now sit down and give your mind a rest.

        • Thalieos

          Maybe you didn’t read the entire story- there were no sexual assault charges.

          Next time read the entire story, not just the bits you want to see.

          • Benny Cannon

            There were no charges upheld.

      • Dwayne_Chapman

        Ummmmm Sterling didn’t buy the Clippers for free so it’s not exactly like he’s making 500 million from nowhere.

  • shaundavid

    “While this is nowhere near the sexual assault allegations that Winston faced during the year last season…”

    But did he actually have to face them? I mean, yea, sure, they were out there in the public, but it seems to be well-documented that he never actually had to deal with them. They sort of just went away. Still… snagging crabs from a Publix? C’mon, man!

  • Jerryc

    Character doesn’t matter anymore, so long as your an outstanding football player who can chaulk up wins you can be a rapist or thief and the schools legal team will smooth it over as best they can

  • rockowirtz

    When I was in college, crabs were an occurrence, not an object.

  • KM

    He a wonderful sports star, but this is just plan stupid….. Jameis stop being a dumbass!!!! You got the world by the balls, don’t screw it up!!!!

    • HadesCat

      Oh yeah, so wonderful, next you’re gonna say he sets a great example for our youth. Your mentality just enables this type of behavior. What happened to the days when athletes were expected to show good sportsmanship? Now, people making excuses for athletes breaking the law, It’s disgusting. Talent is no excuse to be a terrible person.

      • abacobeachbum

        You sure do like assumptions and straw men, don’t you, HadesCat? What’s not true about the guy being a wonderful sports star? He just won the Heisman as a freshman for god’s sake. KM also stated the truth in that Winston is being very stupid (like a lot of kids tend to be), and even states that he needs to “stop being a dumbass.” No excuses made, nothing about good sportsmanship, or anything else you included in your stupid little assumptive diatribe. Maybe you should lay off the coffee. I bet that you’re a lot of fun at parties.

  • Paul M

    Free Seafood University?.. I guess it’s better than the old “Free Shoes University”

  • Kristin
  • paws2ride

    He is obviously above the law…

    • Joe Lewand

      he will get promoted by the school to “GOD” as he is above the law just like cam newton

      • David Jones

        Does that same law apply to Ben Roethlisberger? smdh

        • Joe Lewand

          it should

          • David Jones

            Oh..I see you have a lot to say but your fingers were broke when I confronted you about saying Jamis is a professional athlete. Felt a little stupid and too ashamed to respond? We both know what happened, no need to be ashamed.

          • Joe Lewand

            your rambling on makes no sense, when you graduate from grammer school, post again

          • David Jones

            Oh..so you think no one noticed you didn’t refute what I said and didn’t have an explanation for calling Jameis a professional athlete. LOL. I understand you put your foot in your mouth and was too ashamed to admit it. Please know I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you ignorant, I really thought u knew. You say I make no sense? Well hopefully you will understand this…I typed everything you just read with my middle finger.

          • Joe Lewand

            u really are an idiot.

          • David Jones

            I’m an idiot? So was your dad when he thought he wouldn’t need a condom. Still no explanation for that lie you told about Jameis being a professional athlete? If you didn’t hear with your own ears, see it with your own eyes, then don’t create it with your big mouth.

          • Joe Lewand

            the more you talk the dumber you sound, cracker.

          • David Jones

            Of course I’m talking like an idiot, how else would you understand me? What’s wrong you’re upset that you cannot refute me calling you a liar about Jameis? LOL…Wipe your mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bull s h I t around your lips.

          • David Jones

            Never forget…In a battle of intellect with me, you’re an unarmed man.

          • Joe Lewand

            what ever u say, cracker

          • David Jones

            Cracker…from the look of your picture, you’re talking about yourself. Don’t you know you’re what we call a bunch of ignorant fools like yourself in a bowl…yes…crackers. Now sit down!

    • Mike Pugh

      The University, and the justice system has enabled him. Sad because justice wasn’t served in that alleged rape case

      • David Jones

        How do you know that…did you see the actual evidence?

  • Joe Lewand

    kick him off the team and send him to tebow school of counseling.

    • David Jones

      Would be a waste of money, I hear they don’t teach how to throw the ball with accuracy at that school.

  • BruntLIVE

    We LOVE “marks on your record” as a society, it gives us a chance to look down on someone. Old Testatment record keeping.

  • John

    “I said to the crab, ‘Are you stolen?’ He said ‘I’m stolen if you steal me’ I said, “You stole den.”

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    Taking crabs from publix or giving crabs to the public?

  • jaron kadek

    Uh-oh! Another laugh off crime!

  • Randy Sanders

    Being as I happen to live near FSU’s campus, I can say without question that no such incident happened. If it had,it would’ve been all over our local news in Tallahassee….and it WAS NOT. So take your trashtalking nole hating fictionalized piece of “journalism” back to that cracker jack school you learned it from and leave the man alone. Stop attempting to fabricate smear campaigns to destroy one helluva athletes chance at a college degree and/or a shot at pro sports after college.

    • grammy67

      ESPN Tallahassee has confirmed it and he has been suspended from baseball.

    • 2for2true

      You need to pick up a newspaper, Homer. It’s all over the news. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but multiple independent sources have confirmed the story.

  • Amish Al

    Rape and crabs, could it be karma? Oh, its the crabs you eat,, sorry.

  • buffoonish

    The Heisman Trophy has been disgraced again. What a joke it is.

  • buffoonish

    All these stars think, “Why should I be bothered by these mere moral things. I will just do as I please”. I’m above this all. I’m a GOD.

  • jargledmarbles

    Bigoted comments. Bigoted comments everywhere.

    First of all, Jameis Winston is not Donald Sterling. Please understand the difference.

    Jameis has shown himself to be something most of us were at his age: immature. He’s made poor life decisions. Please remember, however, he was not convicted of rape. You weren’t there, so you don’t know if rape actually occurred. Jameis Winston is also not a professional football player. His notoriety exists solely on his athleticism. An athlete is not required to be a role model, and the only thing that they should be a role model for is their accomplishments as an athlete. It’s the fans who set their athletes on a pedestal that set themselves up for disappointment when their athlete proves themselves to be a human being who can make mistakes.

    Donald Sterling is a member of professional sports and represents the NBA, whose target audience (last I checked, you can google “nba audience demographics”) sat around 45% from the African American community alone: nearly 3 times any other sport. You look at the icons of the sport, and saving a few exceptions (ex: Larry Byrd) almost all modern basketball heroes are African American. The team playing for him, the coach, is African American. It’s unfortunate that a private conversation of his was made public, but the reality is is that the NBA is represented by and supported by a larger number of African Americans than another other sport. The NBA had to take action to show that they were on the right side of that racial issue.

    Jameis Winston, on the other hand, is just one man, representing nothing but himself in a college environment in which he is paid $0.00 to be part of. You can dislike the man, but you cannot simply throw out a blanket insult or compare him to Michael Vick, who was actually prosecuted for illegal dogfighting. When you do, it makes you look ignorant.

  • Jon Bell

    It’s about time we start giving these kids a stipend. He stole food, not designer clothes or electronics. If you are poor, and hungry, you may just steal some crabs so you can eat.

  • Billy Torry

    Maybe they didn’t arrest him for fear of another negro backlash like with the Clippers owner.

    • David Jones

      Don’t you realize there are enough idiots in the world already without you working so hard to give us another?

  • Mike Boling

    Why wasn’t he arrested? Us regular citizens would have been. Double-standard for athletes and celebrities I guess.

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    There is a major issue here people are ignoring in the favor of a few laughs and when the crap hits the fan then people will act all concerned!

    First it was Sterling and his type… mind you that ban was for economic reasons, but at least he is out and the NCAA is the next monster that needs to be slain. I will never compare pro athletes to slaves because that would be an injustice, but what the NCAA has done over the years to their “student” athletes is not far from a plantation owner, everything benefiting him and very little going to the ones doing the real work !!!

    We live in this great country were people wave flags in the name of patriotism and god, but it’s all B.S. its just another way for people to follow like the sheep they are… the truth is, in our country where a Heisman trophy winner wanted something to eat… rather than ask for it and expected it given to him he felt the best thing to do was steal it ! … does anyone see what’s wrong with that? We throw away billions of metric tons of food yearly and we as a country would prefer the food rot in the ground than put in the belly of people that need it…

    the NCAA would prefer Winston steal the crabs than have someone give it to him or give him the cash to pay for it, The NCAA, a multi billion dollar business, coaches and A.D.’s are paid in the millions and the players do not make a dime off it, screw the education bull, if you think 100 thousand dollar scholarships are on par with millions… then you need to give your head a shake, either pay the players or allow them to get jobs if they so choose, because we know the schools are not worried about their education suffering, only how will effects the football and basketball programs

    and finally i could not resist this little nugget….
    Winston stole crab legs = that means he raped that girl
    - internet logic